Thousands of Love Locks

On my recent trip to Paris, often cited as the city of love, I found myself locked by the sight of thousands of padlocks inscribed with lovers names on the Pont des Arts.  Despite having been on this bridge every time I have visited Paris I never immersed myself in its entirety. I stood there in awe feeling just what these lovers felt when they decided to announce their love to the world for all to see.  It set a wonderful canvas for the Heart pieces.

Couples on trips of a lifetime would anchor their love on the wire mesh of this famous bridge.  So much so that the weight of all these padlocks that came to fifty four tons caused a section of the wire mesh to collapse.  They have now replaced parts of the wire mesh with a clear material where padlocks can no longer be placed.  Officials in the city launched a campaign urging loved up couples visiting the bridge to stop jeopardising public safety.  Their proposal is to have couples take selfies to symbolise their love and posting them on social media on the Pont des Arts.  Now, I am not the biggest romantic though there is a tiny difference between inscribing your names on a padlock in Paris and taking a selfie - but that's just me.  

Durrah KhalilComment