4th of July

After a humid and rainy weekend (with thunderstorms!) in Santa Monica, to which I am told by my local native friends is not the norm in Southern California, I began to reflect back through the month.  Hard to believe only a few weeks ago it was a lovely extended weekend as everyone around me celebrated July 4th weekend.  I joined my social media manager and friend Phil Pallen and my chum, L.A. native Lemon, on a bicycle ride up the coast.

Now while this sounds rather mundane, it was quite the adventure for me as I had not set foot upon bicycle pedals in over twenty years!  Lemon felt even greater trepidation as she had not either for longer than that.  But I embraced the challenge and we secured a couple rentals while Phil brought along his fabulous ride and we sped off.  Well, not quite speedily as we had to wind our way through numerous bodies walking along the SM Pier and strand.  Phil weaved through confidently while Lemon self-medicated her fear with a mantra but I adored the exhilaration once we got to the bike path where there was more pavement than pedestrians.

It seemed fitting that I enjoyed this on what is considered to be a day of celebrating independence!  For some, overcoming even the smallest of fears to try something you'd not felt could be done in decades and yet accomplishing it, can be the first step away from a life you'd not imagined before.  Instead of worrying about, "can I do this?" I got on and never looked back.  And it felt freeing!

We rode up towards Mailbu and rested for some hours in the sun at Will Rogers beach.  The openness on the sands and lack of crowds more than made up for the efforts made to get there.

That is not to say the outing was without some peril. (Only kidding.)  On the return, we had to contend with even more beach goers now ending their day in the sun, too.  At one point, a small child ran right in front my way as her family was telling her to move.  She promptly crouched to the ground.  Luckily, I was able to stop in time - no harm, no foul.  Laughs were had and we proceeded to return to the pier's rental shop.  

This was just another facet of living in Santa Monica that makes me truly happy to have chosen to make this my next home.  Happy Independence to me and my friends and loved ones.