Malaysia Truly Asia

I am extremely proud of my Malaysian heritage as it influences my creative side tremendously, which I incorporate into my jewellery designs.  I have created a collection called Cylinder that was inspired by Traditional Malaysian Wedding Ankle bracelets.  

As a young girl I would dream about having a Malaysian Barbie which I never got.  I then developed a healthy interest in the Traditional Jewellery of Malaysia and tracked down this incredibly informative book.  Not much literature exists on the matter and one day I would like to work closely with the Museum and their archives in Malaysia to really live and breathe my heritage.

It is therefore incredibly flattering to be recognized by my first love Malaysia for my contributions to the nation.

I recently received a letter of recognition from the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism which acknowledges my work and considers me an influential member of its heritage.  I am honoured, proud and overwhelmed receive such an accolade for my passion!

The recognition confirms that I am on the right path, and I am truly blessed to be doing what I truly love.

I love you Malaysia and you will always be Truly Asia to me. 

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