Dream Bracelet

Dream Bracelet



This collection was inspired by a disco ball which Durrah finds so captivating. Durrah wants every girl to see the whimsical in life so all the proceeds from this bracelet go towards providing young girls in Kenya an education.  

On a trip to New Zealand, Durrah had the pleasure of meeting a Canadian teacher who shared her rewarding experiences of sponsoring a Kenyan baby girl, Michelle, who is now a young lady.  The teacher shared photographs with Durrah showing just how much Michelle had progressed and the power education can have.  
"The best gift I ever received from my parents was education.  Education has always been my best friend and my parents allowed me to study as much as I wanted.  Without it, I would not be living my dream.  I realized very recently that it I can be a woman with ambition.
I would like to share the same gift I received with young girls like Michelle so they too can live their dreams."

Sterling silver plated in rhodium or 22k gold.

Circumference: up to 7.5 inches including extender

Made in Italy.

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