TEN LINES - Pampata Airaudi

1.  What do you do for a living?

I'm the owner and GM of Sapere Aude Sparkling. Basically I get to make, drink and talk about sparkling rosé and blanc - not too shabby.


2.  Where do you live?

I live in Venice, before Snapchat and Google #keepveniceweird.


3.  What do you appreciate most in your friends?

Honesty and laughter.


4.  What do you hate the most?

The word quiche. Whenever I hear that word I cringe and gag a bit - I know, so weird!


5.  What is your dream vacation destination?

Anywhere with warm ocean water and no cellular service. Did I really just say that?

6.  Who would you take with you on your vacation?

Bikini, hat, sunscreen, bottles of rosé.


7.  Which Durrah Jewellery pieces would you take with you?

Oh, the woven bracelets if course! They're just beautiful whether single or stacked and so easy to travel with.


8.  Beach or Snow?



9.  Neck pillow or eye cover?

Neck pillow.


10. Sleeping pills or lavender oil?

Rosé and Reggae...OMG new summer tagline! Thanks Durrah!

For more information, go to http://sapereaudesparkling.com/

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