TEN LINES - Tamara Tuganova

1.  What is your current job? 

Fine Jewelry Designer.


2.  Where do you live?  



3.  Coffee or tea?  



4.  What is your idea of happiness? 

Living by the sea surrounded by my family and ponies.


5.  What was your last vacation spot?  

Vienna, Austria.

6.  Where would you like to go on your next vacation?  

I'm exploring horse-riding vacations in Patagonia and Mongolia.


7.  What piece of Durrah Jewellery would you bring with you on this trip?  

My Durrah Chain Necklace always always travels with me, I absolutely love it. It's so light and effortless that I can definitely wear it whilst galloping through steppes.


8.  What is your current favorite playlist?  

I'm currently switching between Disco Fever on Spotify and Depeche Mode compilation ahead of their London gig in June.


9.  When you are on a flight do you read or watch a movie? 

Anything to pass the time.


10. Beach or Snow?  

I love my four seasons.

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