TEN LINES - Adam MacFarlane

1.  What do you do for a living?

Foreign Exchange/Currency Broker.


2.  Where do you live?

Santa Monica, CA.


3.  What do you appreciate most in your friends?

Loyalty, understanding, trustworthiness, intelligence, common interests or at least a willingness to share mine as I share theirs and a dash more loyalty (I bring the personality and jokes). 


4.  What do you hate the most?

Dishonesty. Letting an agenda overrule logic. Lack of common sense and basic courtesy eg people who you see 20 feet ahead and somehow manage to walk into you or people who are rude to hospitality staff, terrible. 


5.  What is your dream vacation destination?

Positano, Hawaii, San Sebastián (and home which is Sydney at Xmas time, glorious!).

6.  Who would you take with you on your vacation?

My partner-in-crime (when I finally meet her). For now I love traveling solo.


7.  Which Durrah Jewellery pieces would you take with you?

I have a graphite and silver woven bracelet - I would take them, and if I meet someone on my travels who liked them, they could have them. Keepsakes/little gestures like that really add to amazing memories, but then I'd have to come home and buy them again because I like wearing them.


8.  Beach or Snow?

Beach > Snow.


9.  Neck pillow or eye cover?

Just bought both, but the eye cover is a game-changer. 


10. Sleeping pills or lavender oil?

Body says lavender oil. Being time-starved says pills. I prefer the oil.

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