TEN LINES - Katharina Roelofsz

1.  What do you do for a living?  

I'm a full time mother and I also manage a portfolio of holiday rental properties. 


2.  What is your present state of mind?

Zen - I just woke up and I am drinking tea in bed which my husband brought me. 


3.  What fault do you have the most tolerance for?

Stubbornness - probably because I am guilty of this myself and because I admire people with strong convictions who stick to their guns.


4.  Who are your favourite characters in fiction?

My favourite book of all time is Gone with the Wind so I'm going with Scarlett O'Hara even though I'm not sure she's someone I would actually get on with in real life! 


5.  What characters in history do you most dislike?

All dictators past and present. 

6.  What is your favourite destination for culture?

Too many to chose from so i'm picking two! Rome and New York - two very different destinations with very different culture but I love them both. 


7.  Where was your last vacation?

A road trip across California and Las Vegas in a Mustang with my son and husband. 


8.  What can't you leave home without when you go on vacation?

My Kindle - reading is one of my absolute favorite past-times and something that instantly makes me feel relaxed, but I don't get much of an opportunity to read these days unless I'm on holiday.  


9.  Which Durrah Jewellery pieces would you bring with you?

My Durrah Jewellery wedding ring and my stack of Spring bracelets - they go with any outfit and instantly add an extra element of style. I love to mix and match the different COLORS for different outfits - perfect for when I'm short on space in my suitcase for many accessories. 


10. What is your idea of happiness?

When my 2-year-old son wraps his little arms around me and tells me he loves me. Or when he breaks out into hysterical shrieks of laughter when I tickle him. In those moments nothing else matters and life feels perfect.

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